Why Hire a Business Growth Coach?

Running a business is hard work, especially if you’re an entrepreneur starting a new company from scratch. A business coach is a resource every entrepreneur can have as they grow their company. 

With the help of a business growth coach, you can progress faster in your business than you could on your own.

I’ve had business coaches that helped me with my marketing, pick a niche, and be more productive. But the coaches who’ve had the most impact for myself and my business, are the ones that focus on growth.

What is Business Growth Coaching?

Business growth coaching follows the GROWTH model, which stands for:


This model is an effective approach to coaching sessions as it helps set goals and streamlines problem-solving in your business. Let’s go deeper into each of these aspects.


Goals are what you want to achieve. Cory goes deeper into setting WHYSMART goals in this post.


Reality is the situation and environment you and your business are in now. It is also your own beliefs since they influence how you react in your situation. As I write this, we are over six-months deep in the Coronavirus pandemic and it is a challenging situation for many businesses.


Options are all of the possible strategies you can use to achieve your goals. When we work with our clients, we brainstorm as many options as possible.


Will is what you choose to do from the options presented. We take into consideration your beliefs and your resources. The most important part of this phase is that your coach does not choose for you. Just as your goals are truly your goals. Your chosen strategies must be something you will actually do.


We break down your strategies into tactics and lay them out into an action plan.


Habits are the key success ingredients to achieving your goals. What will you do on a consistent basis?

Benefits of Business Growth Coaching 

Business growth coaching offers a number of benefits. The top three benefits that Cory and I provide for our clients are accountability, guidance, and networking.


A coach keeps you accountable by motivating you to reach your goals. It may be too easy to break a promise you make to yourself.  However, when you give an update on your progress to someone else, you’re more likely to follow through. 

Guidance and Consulting

One service that we offer that is different from most coaches is our 50+ years combined consulting experience in business, marketing, and systemizing processes. 

Plus, we have been self-employed for over 20 years. We are very aware of common mistakes and hangups entrepreneurs often face. We can help guide you around problems and errors you may encounter.


Finally, coaches are also helpful for expanding your network. They can connect you with other people in your industry and recommend various resources that’ll help improve your business. 

In fact, our LIFT for program is an online community of purpose-driven business owners in B2B services and health and wellness

Cory and I are also involved in business networking and community groups, including BNI, Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Women Business Owners, and Rotary.

What to Look for in a Business Growth Coach

Find out what their accomplishments are, as well as if their accomplishments are similar to what you want to achieve. You will gain valuable knowledge of how your industry works and what pitfalls to look for by working with someone who has been in your shoes.

Most importantly, find a business growth coach whose core values are in alignment with yours. For example, if you value family time, but they value hustling all hours to make money, they are probably not the right coach for you.

Take Wing Coaching is all about purpose, growth, and freedom. If you’re looking for help growing your business and making an impact, apply a complimentary discovery session with Take Wing Coaching today.

Female business owner in a coaching session.

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