How to Focus on Business When Everybody is Home

Right now, your days may be filled with balancing business, kids, chores, health, and everything else the world is throwing at you.

Noise and distractions don’t make for a very productive work environment. It might feel like you can’t get anything done. With everyone stuck at the house all day, it’s important to create boundaries so you can stay sane and still focus on your business every day. 

Here are three tips to help you stay focused and productive when you’re in work-mode, so that you can be fully present and calm for your family.

Create Home Routines

Routines create a wonderful structure for the day. You probably have a work routine. 

Make sure your kids have a daily routine as well. They don’t need a color-coded, hour-by-hour schedule in place but loose blocks of time work wonders. Designate certain times for school, eating, playing, reading, and going outside. 

For myself, I wake up two hours before my daughter wakes up. (Coffee helps!) I’m able to hit the ground running by communicating with my team, check in with clients, and work on my marketing (including writing this blog).

When she wakes up, we go outside to feed the chickens and rabbit, work on the garden, and go back inside for breakfast. While she eats, I can go back on my computer and work on the next task.

If your kids are older, you can set up specific quiet times where they are working on your schoolwork, or play with their toys depending on their age. Your kids will quickly become familiar with the new schedule, so you can focus on your business.

Be Flexible

Be compassionate with yourself and your kids if interruptions arise in the day. We’re experiencing extraordinary challenges and children may have trouble processing the emotions they are dealing with.

Someone is going to throw a tantrum or make a mess. In those moments, you can pause your work and handle the situation. Be gentle with your kids and yourself in these moments. 

It’ll make coming back to work easier when everything is cleaned up because you won’t feel quite as frustrated.

Plan Alone Time

Creating space to think is so important for workday productivity and for your overall mental health. If you constantly feel like you’re running on a hamster wheel, you’ll quickly burn out. You and your partner both deserve a break. 

Take turns watching the kids for a half-hour each evening. When it’s your turn to enjoy alone time, go for a walk around the block or a leisurely drive around town. You could even grab a book and find a quiet place in the backyard to read. (I close the blinds when it’s my turn to be outside so my daughter doesn’t see me!)

Finding Time for Both You and Your Family

Working in a full house isn’t an easy task but setting routines, being flexible, and planning alone time can make it a little bit more manageable. 

If you’re looking for even more help with focus and accountability right now, download my free workbook on productivity and time management for busy parents.

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