About Gail Nott

Gail Nott is a Business Growth Coach, Marketing Consultant, and a Certified Professional Diversity Coach.

Coaching Roots

Building a Coaching Legacy of Empowerment

She strategizes with purpose-driven business owners to create a personalized client generation process that saves them time, shares their message, and allows them to create their legacy, without sacrificing their family life.

She is an expert at building a business around your life, instead of the other way around with over 20 years experience in marketing, sales, and personal development.

In her previous profession, she filled her massage practice in three years and grew a holistic wellness center to over 40 practitioners.

Today, Gail’s clients build lifestyle businesses based on their values, gifts, and passions.

My Story

My parents immigrated to the United States and worked long hours to provide stability and security. However, I often felt alone and unprotected. Due to a combination of shyness and culture, I rarely spoke up to express what I wanted. Yet I yearned to have the guidance and support to live my dreams.

After college, I started taking steps to building a life I loved and on my terms. During this process, I learned how to build a business around my desired lifestyle (versus the other way around).

This turning point inspired me to help other purpose-driven business owners to do the same.

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Let’s Talk

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