About Take Wing™

We are a husband and wife team, providing business coaching and consulting to purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

Blending Our Experiences into a Unified Coaching Venture

We met while networking in 2003. For over 10 years, we each worked on our own businesses (Cory in software and Gail as a wellness center owner and then opened a new business as a social media consultant).

We appreciated coaching so much, we wanted to support other entrepreneurs in aligning their life purpose with their business, building multiple revenue streams, and enjoying a business and life they love.

Expanding Visions and Strategies with Cory

Today, Cory works with our clients on creating an expansive vision and developing ambitious strategies, plus consults on leveraging business technology. Gail provides the action and accountability, as well as online marketing consulting.

Action and Online Marketing Expertise with Gail

Together, we synergistically help business owners engage their passion, build community, and exponentially scale a business that gives them the freedom to enjoy life.

Our Core Values

1. Abundance: We ignite endless possibilities to achieve the highest potential.
2. Lead by example: We honor our agreements, we walk our talk, and we are self-accountable.
3. Freedom: We enjoy our autonomy to live a life with fun and adventure.
4. Compassion: We empathize, love, and accept ourselves and others as they are.
5. Curiosity: We challenge our assumptions in a proactive and thought-provoking way.
6. Respect: We provide a safe environment and embrace our differences and unique needs.

Our team

Expertise in coaching and tech for entrepreneurial success.

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