Why Successful Coaches Hire a Business Coach

Are you thinking about hiring a business coach who specializes in working with coaches?

I’ve always been a believer that a coach has a coach. Walking our talk is part of our Core Values. I always want someone who can challenge my self-doubt, guide me in making the best decision for myself, and cheer me on.

When you’re inside the jar, it’s hard to read the label.

As a small business owner, especially if you’re the founder, you can be wrapped up in the day-to-day operations, as well as be emotionally blinded to “your baby” to notice the problems.

It can take an outside person to help you see where the opportunities are to optimize your business and your skills.

Business coaches can support you and your business because they have an objective, outside viewpoint.

From everything from time management to improving sales strategies, a business coach can be a non-judgmental sounding board who offers clarity and perspective.

1. Your Business Coach as Your Accountability Partner

If you have a plan in place for creating a signature program, utilizing a coach as an accountability partner is a wise investment.

You can work more efficiently when you know there’s a deadline looming, but it’s also easy to ignore that deadline because you are the only one who set the deadline.

Rather than moving your deadline further and further away, your business coach as your accountability partner will keep your productivity on track. 

Accountability is necessary in many instances, though, not just in product creation. Whatever goals you have set for yourself, your coach will hold you solely responsible for meeting those deadlines and goals. 

2. Your Business Coach as Your Guide

A good business coach will have the ability to challenge your thinking and your goals in a non-threatening and non-judgmental way.

Instead of staying inside our comfort zones, a coach will encourage us to explore what we fear in an effort to fight that fear and try something new.

Coaches also have the skill to chunk down large tasks into smaller actions that are not as intimidating.

Coaches with consulting experience can also guide us with instructions for how to do or implement something in our business.

3. Your Business Coach as Your Mentor

When it comes to hiring a business coach, I recommend hiring someone who is successful at what you want to improve on.

After all, those who have already reached a level of success will have the best experience to share about how you can reach that same level.

Your business coach can guide you based on their real-life experiences.

Get Started on Your Strategic Business Plan

Start creating your strategic business plan with your vision, goals, and action steps spelled out.

It will give you a starting point when working with your business coach. And it’s the first assignment we give our new clients.

If setting up a strategic business plan sounds daunting or you don’t know where to start, I have a free workbook called, “The Fast Action Guide to Planning the Best Year Ever“.

You can download the guide in the link above or by clicking the image below.

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