Do You Allow Yourself to Dream When You’re Setting Your Goals?

Do you have the “right” goals for your business?

Maybe someone told you that you should be a 6-figure coach. Or a 7-figure coach.

Maybe you’ve seen the countless Facebook ads that tell you the same thing. And you’re feeling disappointed in yourself that you’re not there yet.

What Do You Want?

Instead of focusing on what other people want for you, what if you were to let these pressures go, just for a day?

What if you spent one day to explore what you really want?

It may be challenging for you to think this way, especially if you have been influenced by what your parents want for you, what other coaches and consultants are doing, and maybe even what your coach wants for you.

To start breaking away from outside influences, and reconnecting with your inner dream, play the “What if…” game.

Imagine you can wave a magic wand and anything is possible. You can:

  • Spend
  • Do
  • Achieve
  • Attempt

as little or as much as you want.

Now imagine you have perfect health and you are at the perfect age.

Put serious thought into this.

  • What age were you the happiest?
  • What age would you like to be forever?
  • What age bracket would you like to redo, with what you know now?

Some of us would like to be a younger age and retain the wisdom we’ve earned over our lifetime.

I remember being 26-years-old, just starting my business after being a freelance programmer. I was full of energy and optimism.

I wouldn’t say that I was the happiest at 26. Even with my optimism, I was still full of self-doubt and self-sabotaged myself. However, if I stay with this vision of myself and explore it further, I can identify what about this age that symbolizes a dream life to me.

For example, one online entrepreneur revisited her pre-school days by changing her online art lessons to helping people “reconnect to their inner child” by teaching them how to paint intuitively. It was a small shift—but it gave her business meaning and joy when her mission changed.

Another online entrepreneur lives her 10-year-old dream to ride ponies every day. She did so by outsourcing what she doesn’t love doing in her business so she could spend the rest of the day riding and taking care of her horse.

Creating that time to enjoy her passion became her vision. “Make $150,000 this year” became her goal in order to create that lifestyle. And as soon as she understood that the lifestyle was her vision, she focused on results-driven actions, rather than just busywork.

Take the time, right now, to do the following dream exercise.

Let your emotions answer while you are dreaming that anything is possible. You may surprise yourself with the answer.

Your dream lifestyle To create an ultimate goal—your dream lifestyle— identify and choose the best “big dream” for you.

My Dream Lifestyle

  • What does your dream lifestyle look like?  Describe it.
  • What steps will you take to make it happen? 
  • How much do you want to make this year to create this dream lifestyle? $______________________________________
  • How much is that per month?
  • Who can help you achieve your goal?
  • Name three things you will drop from your life that distracts you from your vision and goal:


  • Name the most important thing you want to add to your life to create your dream lifestyle and achieve your goal:


Plan Your Best Year Ever

Now that you have your dream lifestyle and at least one of your goals, it’s time to create your Business Flight Plan™.

Join us for the next One Day Plan and create your dream business with guidance, support, and accountability. >>

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