Fill Your Ideal Client Pipeline with a Consistent Flow of Referrals

Become a Referral Machine

Whether you prefer to think of it as karma, or just know that “what comes around, goes around,” referrals do have a tendency to multiply. The more you give, the more you’ll receive.

So make it a point to refer others back to your business colleagues as well. Perhaps one of your clients has an online store selling personalized planners, while another client struggles with time management. It’s a perfect match and one that both clients will benefit from.

Remember professionals in your industry too. We’ve already established that not everyone will be a great fit for you. Perhaps a potential client needs more time than you have available or faces a roadblock that’s not in your area of expertise. Send her to another coach that specializes in that.

Just be sure that the person you recommend is top in their game and has a rock-solid reputation for excellence. By referring a client to them, you’re essentially saying, “I trust this person to do right by you,” so make sure you mean it.

This is why it’s important to belong to organizations both off and online. You’ll get to know other business professionals and their areas of expertise, plus you’ll create your own referral network you can call on whenever you have an opening in your schedule.

Industry or market-specific associations are one type of network. If you’re a life coach, you ca join an organization dedicated to life coaches. General, diverse groups, such as BNI, can be helpful as well, especially if you often get inquiries from people in their business and personal lives. Plus, a network like BNI is trained and committed to giving referrals to each other.

Connect Others and They’ll Connect You

In his book, “Love is the Killer App,” Tim Sanders makes the point that if you connect enough people to one another, they’ll reciprocate by connecting you to those they know.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the health and services industries. We’ve already talked about joining professional organizations and groups, but there are other ways to connect people as well.

Local Meetup groups offer a great opportunity to network with people who live and work in your area, and those face-to-face meetings are often more productive and form a more lasting bond than do online relationships. Look for groups in your area that cater to your ideal clients.

Business conferences and events are another place to meet and connect with others (and be connected). In fact, any time you attend an industry event, one of your goals should be to meet and establish a relationship with at least three people in your niche.

Build Your Relationships Intentionally and Consistently

Make it a point to follow up with everyone you meet. A quick note, a thank you card, or a phone call are all easy ways to stay in touch and remind people who you are and what you do.

Not only that, following up will even help you remember those you meet, so next time you’re chatting with someone who is looking for a web designer, you can easily say, “Oh, I met Debbie Designer at a conference just last month, and I think she’d be perfect for your project. Let me send you her contact info.

These types of connections are what fuel the referral machine, so take the time to spread the love, and it will come back to you in the form of more (and better) clients.

Keep the Client Pipeline Full

Keeping your client roster full is critical to your business success. While you don’t want it so packed that you have no time to think, you do want to have a steady stream of new and returning clients so that you can know without a doubt what your profits will look like from month to month.

By taking the time to establish routines, put systems in place for following up, and to practice spreading the love through referrals and connections, you’ll soon earn a reputation as the go-to coach in your market. And once you’ve accomplished that, you’ll never have open spots on your client roster again.

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