2: My Self-Sabotaging Thinking Patterns Analyzed with MindSonar®

Have you ever noticed how your own bad habits are getting in the way of your success? Cory Nott was recently was certified in MindSonar®.

MindSonar is a new type of psychological analysis that measures how you think in a specific situation and it’s based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

In this case, Gail wants to improve their profit margins and asks Cory, “How can I focus on more profitable actions, rather than getting stuck in busy work.”

Listen in to Part 1 of this mindset analysis.

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Gail Nott's MindSonar® Profile with the highest metaprofiles of Use 8.2, Towards 7.8, Proactive 7.8, and Development 7.2.
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