Are the Shortcuts You Are Taking Helping or Hurting Your Small Business?

We all know what a shortcut is. There’s a long path ahead, and you find a quicker way to get to the destination.

Did you know that your brain takes shortcuts when you are thinking? If you had to think through every step of every action or idea, you’d likely take an hour just to get out of bed and another hour to make your coffee or tea. 

However, when I watch my daughter, I can see her think through every step. With practice, she learns which shortcuts work best for each situation, and, as she grows, she will apply these shortcuts to new situations.

These shortcuts appear as skills, intuition, etc. and they change in every context.

Are you a fast decision-maker in some cases? If so, that’s a shortcut, a skill that you’ve developed that now comes naturally. 

Or, you might be the opposite in some cases, thinking things carefully through. That’s also a skill, a shortcut that you’ve developed to avoid making mistakes.

The downside of taking shortcuts is that we often miss what’s on the path, or the opportunity to take different shortcuts that might better serve us.

In laser coaching sessions powered by MindSonar, I measure the 13 common types of shortcuts your brain takes when dealing with a particular situation. 

If you are dissatisfied with the results that you are getting in your life or work, it is likely that the shortcuts you are taking are giving you the same dissatisfaction over and over. 

I can help you determine new shortcuts and develop new skills to arrive at the results that you want.

Schedule a discovery session with me to see if a laser coaching session powered by MindSonar will help you get the results that you want.

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