7 Reasons Why You’re Not Motivated in Your Small Business and What to Do About It

Are you fired up about 2023? Feeling the New Year blahs? Or something in between?

While everyone else is running full steam ahead, it is still winter, and your energy may not be at 110%.

That is entirely normal and may be a signal to reflect on what’s behind it. Here are seven reasons to consider and seven ways to reignite your passion.

  1. Reason 1: You’re Content
    This might feel like a strange reason to feel unmotivated. Sometimes we feel quite content and happy with our lives, and we don’t feel the need for anything to change. Unfortunately, it can leave us unprepared for the unexpected, like a pandemic.

  2. Reason 2: You’re fearful of the unknown.
    It’s a pervasive fear – not knowing what’s coming next can stop many of us from taking risks, doing what we want, and feeling motivated to take the next step.

  3. Reason 3: You lack self-confidence.
    Imposter what? If you feel like whatever you do will end in disaster, this could be the reason behind your lack of motivation. As long as things feel comfortable, you might not see a reason to be motivated to do anything too bold or different. This may also be a fear of failure. (More on the so-called imposter syndrome in a later blog.)

  4. Reason 4: You’re exhausted.
    Suffering from burnout can quickly make you feel that you don’t want to do anything. You might feel tired, weak, fatigued, and completely lacking motivation. Even the activities you usually enjoy don’t seem appealing anymore.

  5. Reason 5: You don’t know what you want.
    Motivation comes from desire. When people want something, many of them are driven to take action to help us achieve that goal. Without knowing what it is that you want, it can be very challenging to feel motivated at all.

  6. Reason 6: You have a health condition
    Health conditions, whether mental or physical, can cause people to lack motivation, even if they are willing to work hard. Depression, physical exhaustion, hormonal imbalances, and many other health conditions can cause a lack of motivation.

  7. Reason 7: You’re too busy
    Sometimes life needs to slow down to find your motivation again. Whether you’re swamped with work or caretaking, it’s easy to become demotivated and overwhelmed with the stress of day-to-day life.

***How to INSPIRE Yourself Into Action***

If you’re still reading this long— email, chances are you do want to find your motivation again. If that is true, here are seven steps to take to inspire yourself into action.

1. Take a Break

Even if it’s just for one day, take a break from your business to rest and reset. If you can’t take a day off of work, resist the urge to relax in front of the TV, phone, or computer. Find a break in the weather and go outside. Take a nap. Turn on relaxing music and doodle. Give your brain a break from the constant pings of the digital world.

If you would like more support, check out Erika Gimbel’s course, Post Pandemic Defrag: Wholistic Wellness in Chaotic Times. Everything is recorded to fit your schedule.

2. Connect with Your Purpose

Why did you start your business? Who do you want to help? What do you receive (besides money) when you help others? Remember “your why” to inspire yourself into action.

3. Evaluate Your Role and Processes in Your Business

Maybe your business has gone off course from your original purpose. Maybe you’ve found yourself stuck with all of the administrative duties of your business and no longer work directly with the clients, which you loved doing. Design your ideal day and figure out how to make this happen or who you can talk to help you.

4. Visualize Your Ideal Day

How would you prefer to spend your day? From when you wake up to when you go to sleep, write down how you would spend your workday. What do you see yourself doing? What does your environment feel like? What would your clients tell you?

5. Set New WHYSMART Goals and an Action Plan

Get yourself out of this rut with goals to create that ideal day for yourself. Create an action plan to make it happen.

6. Get Support

We’re often attracted to start our own businesses because we value autonomy. However, we can go further together. Surround yourself with a supportive community for your personal and professional health.

For business, we recommend finding a mastermind group, a mentor, or a coach to hold you accountable and give you a sounding board as you start implementing changes and workaround roadblocks. We just launched a support community within LIFT that’s only $15/month after the free trial. Check out Runway here >>

7. Trust the Process.

Making a significant change will take time, and there may be challenges along the way. Stay connected to your purpose, vision, and community to help you stay on track.

If you would like to chat with Gail or Cory Nott about your business vision and plans, feel free to schedule a complimentary consult here >>

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