The Mindset that Distracts Business Owners From Achieving Their Goals

I have a saying: “New is never disappointing.” 

It helps me refocus when I come up with a new idea or come across a new program, method, or something to completely change my business.

I admit that I am especially drawn to bright shiny objects that so easily distract us from the tasks at hand. Why is that? 

For at least two reasons. 

One, the entrepreneurial mindset is geared toward change. 

Those of us with that mindset are simply wired to seek new options to old routines, and, sometimes, go for wholesale change. 

So, when we see something new, we want to explore it and see what it can do for us. Among other things, this desire for options will often cause difficulties with cash flow.

The second reason goes back to my pithy quote. We face unattractive results in the work we are doing and the urge to try something new becomes very strong. 

The problem is that we often don’t give those processes the consistency necessary to achieve real results.

This quote comes from Dr. Ivan Misner:

“Do six things a thousand times, rather than a thousand things six times.” 

His incredible success has come from consistency, and he also knows that many of those who admire him tend to try something a few times, give up, and move on.

I am nowhere near the Misner level of consistency, and I use these two quotes as frequent reminders to keep at the current procedures and avoid the temptation to change things up.

What do you want to be more consistent with this year?

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