Oakland Chamber “Member of the Year” Awarded to Gail & Cory Nott

This article was originally published in the Oakland Business Review, May/June 2019.

The Oakland Chamber, in partnership with Oakland’s four other multicultural Chambers – African-American Chamber of Commerce; Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce, Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce, and the Oakland Latino Chamber of Commerce – hosted the annual Small Business Week Multicultural Chambers’ “Member of the Year Award” Reception at Le Cheval on May 8, 2019.

The Multicultural Chambers’ Award Reception is a wonderful tradition highlighting the strength of unity and partnership between Oakland’s multicultural Chambers of Commerce and the small businesses that support them.

The Oakland Metropolitan Chamber honored husband and wife team, Cory and Gail Nott of Take Wing Coaching for their outstanding work with the Chamber and for their extensive consulting work with small businesses all over Oakland. 

2019 Members of the Year

Take Wing Coaching provides business coaching and consulting to purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

Cory and Gail met networking in 2003 while working on their own businesses. Eventually they both undertook business coaching, which they found was essential to their success and helped increase their business skills.

They founded Take Wing Coaching to support other entrepreneurs in aligning their life purpose with their business, building multiple revenue streams, and enjoying a business and life they love.

Today, Cory works with clients creating an expansive vision and developing ambitious strategies, while leveraging business technology.
Gail provides the action and accountability, as well as online marketing consulting.

Together, they synergistically help business owners engage their passion, build community, and exponentially grow their amazing  businesses.

At the Oakland Chamber, Cory and Gail are omnipresent. From BNIs to #OAKPROUD Happy Hours, from Small Business Power Hours to Economic Summits, Cory and Gail are the essence of the commitment, persistence, and passion that help make the Oakland Metro Chamber, and Oakland, thriving centers of discourse, diversity, and dedication.

They have given of their time and talent to countless events, always with a smile, and always with an offer to help more, give more. 

Through their coaching business they lead by example and teach others how to find and live their vision.

All of us at the Chamber salute and celebrate Cory and Gail and look forward to meeting the newest addition to their – and our – Chamber family.

Thank you Cory and Gail for all you do in supporting our small businesses!

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