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LIFT Community for Soulpreneurs

Imagine yourself a year from now. You’re the proud owner of a business that is both purposeful and profitable.

You feel inspired and rewarded as you share your knowledge and experience to help others unlock their true potential in their businesses and lives.

And you feel liberated. Instead of letting your business dominate your life, you have plenty of free time to spend with loved ones and invest in what’s truly important.

You find yourself making more and more money--without working more and more hours!

You’re fulfilled. You’re also financially secure.

LIFT Community for Soulpreneurs

Struggle with self-doubt?

Watch in dismay as your business invades your personal life?

Feel like you’re drowning in your own self-talk?

Allow barriers to distract you from your big vision?

Feel alone as an independent business owner?

Wonder if it’s too late for you to achieve the success you crave?

How did you get there?

You found community and coaching!

More on that in a moment.

First, let’s come back to the present

As an ambitious, purpose-driven consultant, coach, or solopreneur do you ever:

Perhaps you’re…

Starving for clients and not sure how to attract them

Overwhelmed by the complexity and riskiness of digital marketing

Concerned about subconscious mindsets that are holding you back

Feeling misaligned with your true life purpose

Frustrated with the multitude of technologies you’re expected to use

Running yourself into the ground trying to get your business off the ground

Here’s the big question:

How do you get from your NOW to your ideal future?

There are many ways. But right now, I want to tell you about the fastest, smartest, and most effective way there is. Getting business consulting, coaching, and training.

Stay with me! As a smart business owner, I know it’s tempting to think that you should be able to figure everything yourself. But being the "smartest person in a room of one" puts you in a very dangerous position.

Why? Please keep reading!

We’re a husband and wife team with 50 years of combined experience in managing and growing successful businesses.

We met in 2003 while networking. At the time, Gail owned a wellness center, which she grew to employ over 40 practitioners. Later, she founded a successful social media consulting business.

Cory has a 25-year history of project management and business consulting for companies like Nextel, the San Francisco Bay Area Bridge Project, BNI, and Electronic Arts.

Today, we combine our strengths in sales, marketing, mindset, alignment, technology, collaboration, time management, and accountability to help purpose-driven business owners bring their vision to life!

We’re ready to help you overcome barriers and bring your business vision to life!

And we’ve found a way to offer you individualized coaching with us for a shockingly small investment.

But we’re not stopping there. We’ve combined live, personalized coaching with a self-serve library of targeted training materials and a growing community of other purpose-driven coaches and consultants.

We call it LIFT, and you’re invited to join today!

We’re Gail and Cory Nott,

founders of Take Wing Coaching!

We’d like to be your consultants,
coaches, and mentors!

Dimension 1: Coaching

LIFT is a 3-dimensional success accelerator for solopreneurs.

Individually, these three dimensions have life-changing potential.

Together, they’re unstoppable.

Dimension 2: Courses

Dimension 3: Community

Welcome to LIFT!

You’ll have access to us for individualized coaching through:

Monthly live Q&A sessions (which can include training, hot seats, business reviews, and more)

Social-media-style news feed (post questions, share your progress, and get feedback and answers!)

Chat access to your coaches

We get it. The internet has enough “courses” already.

But do you have the right course? The kinds of articles, checklists, cheat sheets, action plans, and other resources that give you EXACTLY what you need--right now?

We’re always creating compact, easy-to-consume course content that answers your most burning questions and helps you solve your most formidable problems.

Community is like hyperdrive for your business growth.

As a LIFT member, you’ll join a welcoming, supportive community of purpose-driven Soulpreneurs.

You’ll be able to share your progress, ask questions, and get feedback and answers through your news feed, discussion groups, direct messaging, and live events.

Here’s what you can expect from the LIFT community:

Sharing expertise and experience to accelerate everyone’s growth together

Receiving support and encouragement when we’re feeling bogged down

Celebrating together as we break through and make progress

Getting accountability to motivate us to follow through

Expanding our networks to open up more growth opportunities


Introducing online group coaching & consulting

Sharing expertise and experience to accelerate everyone’s growth together

With online group consulting, you get the best of both worlds! You pay MUCH less than you would with a private coach--and you still have direct access to high-quality individualized coaching!I’ll tell you more about how this works in just a moment.

First, we’d like to introduce ourselves.


We’re so excited to welcome you to the LIFT community!

Remember, your monthly LIFT membership includes:


Individualized fractional coaching from us via weekly group coaching calls, a social-media-style news feed, and topical discussion groups

Highly-focused live and on-demand training, including monthly live workshops and a growing library of valuable multimedia training resources

Participation in a welcoming, supportive community of purpose-driven coaches and consultants where you can share progress, ask questions, and receive feedback and support


You’ll also have unlimited access to our:

Online community with a social-media-style news feed, direct messaging, profile pages, and topical discussion groups

Weekly event calendar, which includes coaching calls, workshops, coworking hours, networking meetings, and masterminds

Library of on-demand video courses and bonus resources such as articles, checklists, cheat sheets, action plans, and more

You’ll get a full month of unlimited and unrestricted access to LIFT!

Are you ready? Enter your email to join the waiting list.

Supportive Community



Here are some of the topics we cover in the

LIFT community:


Learn what questions to ask during a sales presentation

Take the dislike (or fear) out of sales by reframing what “sales” means to you

Increase your closing percentage while staying 100% aligned and authentic

Boost your average sale value by asking for

(and getting) what you’re worth

Create a personalized client generation system that works!

Clarify and amplify your unique message

Leverage simple digital marketing strategies to save time and money

Learn how to develop a fluid “success mindset”

Understand how you’re wired with an exclusive NLP assessment

Overcome subconscious limitations that are holding you back




Cultivate resilience through vision

Tap into your purpose and life’s work

Build a business around your lifestyle, not the other way around



Time Management


Implement only the technologies you need to succeed (skip wasteful trial and error!)

Learn to leverage business technology to create real results

Forge well-aligned strategic partnerships that advance your vision

Lay foundations for long-lasting partnerships

Start making more money in less time!

Prevent your business from invading your personal life

Form synergistic strategic alliances with complementary pros

Protect the free time you need in order to invest in what’s most important

Ask for accountability check-ins from coaches and peers

Motivate yourself to stay diligent and follow-through

Here’s what experienced mentors can do for you:

Sales Consulting

Mindset Coaching

Technology Consulting

Time Management Coaching

Imagine having someone take you by the hand and whisk you past months (or years!) of arduous, demoralizing trial-and-error. Imagine your closing percentage and income skyrocketing as you start closing more lucrative deals more quickly and easily.

Imagine tapping into a world of dazzling possibilities by breaking through mental barriers you didn’t even know existed!

Instead of trying everything and wasting thousands of dollars and months of time, imagine having someone tell you exactly what tech you need--and how to use it--

right now!

Imagine going from wasting time and constantly feeling overbooked to making more money with less time.

Why waste your time and energy reinventing the wheel when you can leverage someone else’s expertise to skip costly trial-and-error and dramatically accelerate your results?

“If you are looking for down-to-earth visionaries who will partner with you, I highly recommend LIFT. When working with Gail and Cory, we identify one area that by making an adjustment will improve how I do business. I follow a plan until it becomes habit and then we move on to tackle another area.”

Kristin Washington,

Business Consultant

“You have been a breath of fresh air for me personally and a tremendous boost for my business. The skills and support I have received will pay dividends for years. The caliber of coaching is outstanding. I would highly recommend LIFT to elevate your business to new heights.”

“I have a lot of ideas but barely knew how to run a business. Thanks to Gail and Cory, now I have a game plan. Their coaching program is full of practical advice for setting priorities and getting things done. I saw the difference in my business almost immediately.”

“Not only are Gail and Cory great partners but their tools are perfect to propel you forward in your business and life! I highly recommend this program for anyone with a new goal in their current business or someone starting up a new venture.”

“I have come to know my strengths, my mission, my evolving vision, my purpose, my actionable activities, and attracting the right partners and clients who are aligning with my passion, enthusiasm and joy. Thanks to Cory & Gail, I exceeded my goals during the program.”

“Cory & Gail with LIFT helped me lay the foundation for my business success. They continue to provide me with great insights on how to continue to grow my business even during these challenging economic times.”

Here’s what a few of our LIFT members have said:

Alan Koenigsberg,
Agile Digital Marketing

Randy Lyman,

Writing and Blogging Coach

David Kersten,

Video Marketing Strategist

Cory Jenkins,

Author, Speaker, Life Coach

Erika Gimbel,

Wholistic Psychotherapy


The Problem with Consulting and Coaching for Small Business Owners

It can be a large investment and there's no guarantee that you'll make your money back.

(More on this later too!)

With a good coach, you can easily spend $1,000 per month on sessions alone.

And for many independent business owners who need to control costs, these numbers aren’t feasible.

I’d like to introduce you to a solution we created that offers similar value for a small fraction

of the cost!


LIFT is designed to help you:

It can be a large investment and there's no guarantee that you'll make your money back.

Enroll more clients more easily than ever before

Feel more courageous and decisive about your path to success

Finally start asking for (and getting) what you’re worth

Make more money while spending less time

Get targeted and personalized answers you’ll never find on Google

Move towards financial security faster than you thought possible

Breakthrough mindset barriers that have been holding you back

Feel more alignment between your purpose and your business

Finally overcome procrastination, analysis paralysis, and information overload

And much more!

Your LIFT membership also includes access to these invaluable events:


Weekly 1-hour coaching calls

Our weekly coaching calls are a phenomenal opportunity to receive individualized coaching from us! These calls can include Q&A, hot seats, business reviews, and more.


Monthly live workshops from subject matter experts

Our monthly live workshops will give you advanced and highly focused training around your specific goals and challenges.


Twice-weekly virtual coworking hours

During our coworking hours, we check in over Zoom, agree on goals, then get to work! Virtual coworking is an amazing way to feel supported, stay focused, and receive accountability.If you don’t earn MORE as a result of your LIFT membership than you invested in your subscription over 90 days, we’ll refund 100% of your investment.

These events will give you a stellar opportunity to expand your network, deepen mutually beneficial relationships, and mastermind with other purpose-driven coaches and consultants!

Monthly networking and

mastermind events


Your growing library of on-demand courses will include:

Grow your business effectively and efficiently by building referral alliances

Build Your Business with Referral Alliances

Developing a Fluid Mindset

Learn a results-oriented way to assess and adapt your mindset

Virtual Assistants

Resources for your

virtual assistant

Planning Your Promotions

Create a top-notch promotion plan and set your marketing in motion to get you sales

Create Successful Strategic Alliances

How to create successful strategic alliances for your small business

Finding Time for Business

Where does your time go? Learn how to redirect and focus on what's important to you

Sales as a Service

How to build relationships and have conversations that convert

Your Strategic Business Flight Plan

Create your strategic business action plan

Join the waitlist for LIFT now, risk-free!

You have nothing to lose--and so much to gain!


Your pivotal decision

At this point, you have an important choice to make.

Here are your top 3 options:










Many business owners don’t want to be coached. They feel they shouldn’t need coaching because they are smart self-starters.

The “uncoachable business owner" says NO to all of the profound benefits of coaching, like avoiding wasteful trial-and-error, accelerating results, and overcoming subconscious mental barriers.

Without coaching, you’re limited to one set of experiences, one skillset, and one point of view--your own! You don't have to do this by yourself. It's more fun and less stressful to build a supportive community with expert coaches.

This is the best-case scenario--and also the most expensive option.

As seasoned business coaches ourselves, we endorse private coaching! Many of our clients start with a LIFT membership and upgrade to private coaching later.

If you’d like to work with us one-on-one, you can apply for a complimentary Strategy Session here.

With your amazingly affordable LIFT membership, you’ll have the best of all worlds!

You’ll still have access to us for individualized coaching--AND you’ll have free and unlimited access to focused content and a flourishing community.

Our coaching will give you clarity and confidence, our content will give you empowering knowledge and insight, and our community will top it off with support, accountability, feedback,

and networking.

They prefer self-paced, self-serve content only.

There’s no doubt that content is powerful.

But is it enough?

Is the internet a good enough “coach” to get you where you need to go?

In our combined 50 years of experience as business coaches, the answer is NO.

Information isn’t enough. You need individualized, targeted coaching to cut through the noise, make smart decisions, skip exhausting trial and error, and achieve results quickly.

The fact is, there’s no substitute for coaching. And unfortunately, Google is a terrible coach!

Why not try out LIFT with our FREE trial so you can experience the caliber of our coaching for yourself?

P.P.S. Many busy Soulpreneurs like you feel they don’t have time for a membership like LIFT.

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