Manifest Your Dreams to Goals with a Strategic Business Plan

Have you jumped into January 2021 with your vision, goals, and action plan?

Then you are ahead of most business owners. It’s at this stage many coaches, consultants, and solo business owners begin to realize that they don’t know exactly know what to focus on—especially if they haven’t created a Business Flight Plan based on their why and vision. (Download our free workbook if that’s you.)

Creating an Abundance Action Plan

Your Business Flight Plan documents your business’ planned route. Within that plan is your Abundance Action Plan to achieve your goals.

There are two essential keys to figuring out your Abundance Action Plan.

  1. Your end goal is specific instead of general.
  2. You use a plan and schedule those actions.

Specific Goals

To create a specific end goal, avoid guessing numbers or deadlines.

Instead, base them on research and exploration. Ask yourself questions such as, “how much do I want to earn to enjoy life and support my family” or “how much do I want to earn to pay off all of my credit card debt by this time next year?” 

If what you are attempting to calculate is dependent on factual data, research those facts. For example, “In order to afford to hire a web designer to redesign my website, my profit margin for 2021 will be…”)

Often, solopreneurs put off investing in themselves or in their business because they are afraid of what the cost will be, even though they haven’t even asked yet.

Abundance Action Plan

The answers you get for each specific question will guide you on which action steps you will take.

Creative people often prefer being flexible, going with the flow, and doing something they feel like doing. It’s probably why you’re an entrepreneur in the first place!

Flexibility is wonderful, but in order to bend without breaking, or to work without overwhelm (hello 2020), understand your limits.

That’s where planning and scheduling come in.

Use your favorite calendar or planner to enter these steps in, assigning realistic dates and deadlines for each step’s completion.

I prefer using Asana for project planning and Google Calendar to block out time for my actions.

Focused Action for Real Results

Without research, results, a schedule and deadlines, you are following dreams instead of goals.

And while dreams can be lovely to contemplate, they can also keep you further away from where you want to be.

Just like a hiking trip, study the terrain, plan your hike, and enjoy every step

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