Business Partner Coaching

There Is a secret sauce to successfully partnering in business

coaching for business partners seeking to navigate from conflict into opportunity

If you’ve come this way, you probably have some concerns about your partnership, whether it’s forming or you are already in it.

Investing your finances, time, and emotions into a business partnership comes with a number of risks.

You might be concerned about:

  • Dealing with conflict when it arises. Different personalities and values means that there will be conflict.
  • Balancing work and business life. Will your partner demand more of you than you can handle? Maybe you demand too much of yourself!
  • Dividing responsibilities. Who will do what? Will it be done well?
  • Financial Management. With money comes all the questions about trust, decision-making, salaries, etc.
  • Scaling and growth. How you will make decisions about hiring and firing and where to focus resources on scaling the business.

Whatever your concerns, they are valid and should be addressed before moving forward.

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Peace in Partnership: Navigate Conflict and Communicate Freely

start off with a strong foundation

Wingmates Coaching (tm)
for Business Partners

The Wingmates Coaching(tm) Methodology

1. Each individual is a full and equal partner in the business relationship

3. Working together the partners will create a shared vision and strategic plan to which they are both equally committed.

4. Conflict is inevitable and a structure for clear and communicative management of conflict will be developed.

2. Each partner is individually interviewed, assessed, and coached so that they are free to express themselves.

5. Trust is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship. In business, trust is built upon clarity and transparency.

6. Decision Making

5. Curiosity: We challenge our assumptions in a proactive and thought-provoking way.

6. Respect: We provide a safe environment and embrace our differences and unique needs.

Here’s a Preview of the Wingmates Coaching(TM) Program:

Individual Coaching

Clarity & Confidence

Each partner is given the space and freedom to develop their own goals, dreams, and aspirations for the business, as well as learn business skills in their way without judgment.


What are you best at?

Each partners is individually assessed and coached on behavioral styles, mindset, and money styles.

Sharing A Vision

Getting there together

Once the individual work is done, together you will build a shared vision to which you will both feel fully and equally committed.

Strategic Planning

Stronger Together

Drawing upon your different strengths and skills, we will create the structure of the business and the roles you will each play.

Goal Planning

The Year One Roadmap

Together you’ll set the goals for the business, and use our WHYSMART system to develop an action plan that inspires and motivates.

Ongoing Support

Take Wing & Soar (tm)

The business is now greater than the sum the partners. It’s easy for individuals to veer off track; we’ll meet monthly for the first year to manage the challenges of being two people and a business.


For the last couple of years my business has been running and growing blindly and by accident. I know why I am doing what I am doing and tied it with my Why. I have discovered my mission and tied that into my life mission. I did not have a roadmap. I do have a solid one now.

I experienced a greater sense of direction and focus.  This program really moved me into action with growing my relationships that matter and have accountability behind being grateful and thankful for these folks. ”

Derrick McQuade

Legacy Property Group

“A shout out to Cory Nott. I had the opportunity to attend one of his sales workshops. He makes a topic that can feel uncomfortable and under-discussed be a more conscious, mindful process that is win-win and aligned with a collaborative client-centered business. Thanks Cory!”

Katherine Monahan

Remedy Natural Medicine

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