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From ‘Āina Momona:

"‘Āina Momona is standing up this fundraiser to support our Maui community. All the funds raised will be given to the Hawaii Community Foundation Maui County Strong Fund to support disaster relief on Maui."

I am gifting up to ten 45-minute business coaching sessions to people who donate $100 or more.

After donating to the organization of your choice, schedule a session with me at

Choose the topic* of your coaching session:

Create Your Winning Offer

Build an Engaging Online Presence

Enrolling Conversations for Joint Ventures & Clients

Fortune is In the Follow-Up

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About Gail Nott

I'm a 2nd generation Filipina American, born and raised (mostly) in California. I feel a spiritual connection to Hawaii and my heart breaks for the community. I'm personally donating to the Maui County Strong fund and also gifting my services to donors.

I’m a mom, wife, and Business Growth Coach who understands the importance of making consistent, dependable income in the solopreneur's journey.

Before starting my own business as a massage therapist, I had a comfortable, high-paying job as a web programmer. I had a steady paycheck with financial stability and predictability. Yet, something was missing from my life.

The reliable paycheck was replaced with unpredictable income, fluctuating on a client’s whims.

The freedom and flexibility of being a solopreneur were often overshadowed by uncertainty and financial stress. Determined to align my business with personal values and integrity, I created a system that offered clients great service and ensured a consistent flow of income.

Today, I'm on a mission to empower heart-centered entrepreneurs to establish a resilient business that resonates with their ambitions, offers financial stability, fosters client loyalty, and enables them to live life on their terms.

I invite you to join this fulfilling journey of growth and accomplishment and to live life on your own terms.


“If you are looking for down-to-earth visionaries who will partner with you, I highly recommend Gail. We identify one area that by making an adjustment will improve how I do business. I follow a plan until it becomes habit and then we move on to tackle another area.”

Kristin Washington
Business Consultant

Erika Gimbel, MFT
Educator & Therapist

“I have come to know my strengths, my mission, my evolving vision, my purpose, my actionable activities, and attracting the right partners and clients who are aligning with my passion, enthusiasm and joy. Thanks to Gail, I exceeded my goals during the program.”

Create Your Winning Offer

We will craft your irresistible package that resonates with your ideal clients. We’ll transform what makes you unique into a compelling offer that stands out and sells.

What you’ll get: Packaging worksheet, naming ideas, pre-sell social media post templates

Build an Engaging Online Presence

We’ll cultivate a dynamic and cohesive brand image across your social media platforms. You will have the foundation for a compelling and consistent online persona that engages, attracts, and retains your ideal clients.

What you’ll get: Social media bio template, templates for 4 types of social media posts, 4 complete Short videos for Reels/TikToks

Enrolling Conversations

Elevate your networking and sales communications strategies. You will feel empowered to foster meaningful connections and effectively articulate your offerings. Whether engaging potential partners or closing a sale, you will be equipped with the techniques and confidence to turn conversations into fruitful business relationships.

What you’ll get: Customized joint venture networking plan and sales script for prospects

Fortune is In the Follow-Up

Master the art of timely and effective communication, turning casual interactions into loyal relationships and consistent revenue. You will be equipped with the structure and strategy to maintain engagement with your clients and leads.

What you’ll get: CRM (Client relationship management) for prospects and partners, email nurturing templates

Choose Your Session

Let's support Maui together. Donate to the organization of your choice or click the button to donate to Hawaii Community Foundation Maui County Strong Fund.


After donating, go to
to schedule your session.

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